Emma Stone reinvents Cruella de Vil in 2021 Disney movie


This ain’t your grandma’s Cruella de Vil.

Social media is in a tizzy over new details about the hotly anticipated “Cruella,” Disney’s latest live action adaptation of the animated classic “101 Dalmatians,” mostly thanks to Emma Stone’s fierce transformation as the nefarious fashionista with a penchant for spotted dogs.

“Hello, Cruel World,” said Disney, in a tweet announcing that a trailer for “Cruella” will drop tomorrow. A new poster for the film features a close-up of sultry Stone, 32, in black-and-white, in a style reminiscent of Madonna’s glam-punk days or rock opera icon Dr. Frank-N-Furter of “Rocky Horror Picture Show.”

In a promotional image from 2019 for the film, which will tell Cruella’s backstory and be set in the 1970s, Stone is dressed to kill in leather, leashes and with the character’s iconic black-and-white mane — and fans have been begging for more ever since.

The moment also provided some fans with an opportunity to praise Glenn Close, who thousands of fans on Twitter agree was “actually perfect” as Cruella in the 1996 live-action remake of the original 1961 cartoon film. 

Others had pointers for Disney ahead of the trailer release. 

“If the Cruella trailer doesn’t feature a children’s choir singing a haunting, slowed-down cover version of a certain Baha Men song, what are we even doing here?,” suggested Stephen Douglass, a sports writer whose hilarious suggestion has seen support nearly 6,000 others on Twitter in just an hour since Disney made its announcement.

The crime comedy, due out in May, was helmed by “I, Tonya” director Craig Gillespie and also stars Emma Thompson and Paul Walter Hauser (“I, Tonya”) in as-yet-named roles. It follows the story of young fashion designer Estella de Vil and as her obsession for dog furs takes hold — earning her the nickname Cruella nickname. 


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