Jillian Michaels stands by her Lizzo obesity remarks


Here’s hoping Lizzo has a thick skin — because celebrity fitness savant Jillian Michaels isn’t backing down from her fat-shaming shade. 

In the months since publicly criticizing the curvaceous “Cuz I Love You” crooner’s weight, Michaels, 47, is standing by her statements against praising overly plump bodies. 

But she wishes Lizzo, 33, wasn’t caught in the corpulence crossfire. 

“I’ve never once actually brought her up, she has been brought up to me,” Michaels explained to Carlos Watson of the ongoing controversy surrounding her critique of Lizzo’s full-figured physique. 

The former “Biggest Loser” coach blasted the Grammy winner for being overweight in a viral clip from January 2020. 

Lizzo shameless flaunts her full-figure as a popstar diva of the entrainment industry.
Lizzo shamelessly flaunts her full figure as an award-winning pop star diva.
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“Why are we celebrating her body? Why does it matter?” Michaels said of Lizzo during an appearance on BuzzFeed’s “AM to DM.”

“Cause it isn’t gonna be awesome if she gets diabetes,” the health hotshot added. 

And while Michaels now regrets targeting Lizzo in her obesity bluster, she’s not sorry about denouncing the excess poundage. 

“I would like to separate her from the issue, if at all possible,” a remorseful Michaels told Watson this week. 

“The first time I was asked, I should have said let’s separate an individual from a conversation about health.”

And that’s where her contrition ended. 

Michaels is sorry that Lizzo has been the center of her anti-obesity crusade, but stands by her comments about the dangers of being overweight.
Michaels is sorry that Lizzo has been the center of her anti-obesity crusade, but stands by her comments about the dangers of being overweight.
The Carlos Watson Show

“That is genuinely where I went wrong,” the exercise queen continued. “That is literally the only place that I will tell you that I went wrong if the conversation is about celebrating obesity.”

Michaels added: “Obesity is just unhealthy. That’s it,” after advising society to value people for the richness of their character rather than the width of their waistline. 

She went on to spout facts about fat-induced health complications, saying: “Seven out of 10 Americans are on medication for obesity-related diseases,” and that “obesity is the top contributor to mortality over anything else going on in the world.”

A recent study on obesity found that people with high Body Mass Indexes (BMI) were at an elevated risk of suffering from diabetes, hypertension, a heart attack or stroke — even if the overweight person leads an active lifestyle as Lizzo does. 

Michaels acknowledged that her fat fault-finding has made her a foe of the body-positive community. But the workout warrior said she’s cool with being a martyr so long as pitfalls of plump-praise are heard. 

“When you are an expert in a category you have a responsibility to tell the truth,” she said. “Whether it makes you popular or not.”


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