Katie Couric torches Martha, Harry, more in ‘Going There’ memoir


There’s no denying Katie Couric went there — and with a lot of gasoline, too, as outraged insiders complain about the former “Today” show host’s new book. 

In her tell-all memoir “Going There,” critics complain that the 64-year-old TV presenter and producer is going scorched earth, leaving no colleague, lover or celebrity un-torched. She mocks and puts down everyone from style diva Martha Stewart and Prince Harry to former colleague Deborah Norville, late CNN host Larry King and even her exes, including Tom Werner.

Couric blasts Stewart — whom Couric publicly roasted with a poem at a 1996 awards ceremony — saying she required “some healthy humbling (prison will do that … ) to develop a sense of humor,” according to a Daily Mail report on a manuscript of the over 500-page book, due out next month. 

She also ripped Deborah Norville — whom Couric replaced on “Today” in 1991 — for alienating viewers with her “relentless perfection.”

Prince Harry, meanwhile, smelled so strongly of cigarettes and alcohol when Couric met him at a polo match in Brazil during his “wild-oats sowing phase” that the scent seemed to “ooze from every pore” in his body, she writes. 

As for Larry King, who died in January 2021 at age 87, Couric suggests he was a creep. After going out for an Italian dinner with the TV legend — who was 24 years older than her — the pair went back to King’s apartment, where she said he made a “lunge” for her that reportedly involved his tongue and hands while she sat on the sofa.

“When I like, I really like,” he dejectedly told her after she pushed him off, she writes. 

Katie Couric is going scorched earth in her new memoir, "Going There."
Katie Couric is going scorched earth in her new memoir, “Going There.”

TV producer ex-boyfriend Tom Werner, she details, was a “textbook narcissist” who dumped her via email after he “love bombed” her with gifts. 

The book comes four years after Couric’s most recent major gig as Yahoo’s Global News Anchor, which ended in 2017. Before a stint at ABC News from 2011 to 2014, she landed a $15 million gig as an anchor and managing editor of CBS Evening News from 2006 to 2011, a move she writes was “unwinnable” and left her feeling “embattled, defensive, misunderstood.”

Some say the memoir is the nail in the coffin of dreams she’d ever return to the silver screen.

“[Couric will] never get a job at any television network or cable channel ever again because she attacks everyone,” an anonymous critic told the Daily Mail. “She’ll be stuck with her newsletter and Instagram stories for the rest of her working life even though the book oozes of her desperation to be back on network television hosting her own show.” Another denouncer suggested the tome “should be called ‘Burning Bridges’ by Catty Couric,” according to the publication.

Reached for comment, a spokesperson for Little, Brown and Company told The Post: “We’re excited for people to read Katie’s book, which is heartfelt, hilarious and very honest. Readers will get the complete story from Katie herself about her incredible life and career.”


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