Ken doll’s 9 clothes and beauty picks that keep him young


Barbie’s longtime companion, the dapper doll Ken, is turning 60 today, joining Barbie in this new chapter of their lives in the Dreamhouse.

Barbie, whose birthday is March 9, 1959, entered the big 6-0 a little under two years ago herself, and has no doubt taught Ken her tips and tricks for staying so young.

While many would say it’s just the plastic, Ken actually has some tricks up his Hawaiian shirt sleeves for how to achieve his youthful look — even if you aren’t a doll.

For his 60th, Ken gave us a birthday present instead, offering up six decades of knowledge. He told The Post (by way of his publicist at Mattel, naturally) about his favorite skincare, beauty and fashion tips for any man — plastic or person.

Keep scrolling for Ken’s exclusive product picks, how he found the fountain of youth and how you can get in on it, too.

A black tub of Kiehl's face lotion for men
Saks Fifth Avenue

“People always tell me I do not look my age, my response? I’m serious about skincare,” said Ken after just turning 60.

Whether that’s because of his plastic genetics or because he uses Kiehl’s Age Defender moisture, we’ll never know, but it doesn’t hurt to try the latter. The anti-aging cream is made to lift and firm skin and minimizing the appearance of wrinkles, all while hydrating the face. It’s specially designed for a man’s rougher skin and works hard to keep you feeling porcelain-smooth well into your 50’s and 60’s.

A yellow and white tube of Supergoop sunscreen

Even on a cloudy day, Ken will tell you that sunscreen is a must for any man who cares about his health and skin.

“I love my beach days, but I never leave my house without SPF,” said Ken. “This Supergoop! formula is water-and-sweat-resistant, making it perfect for the beach to the pool.”

The formula is perfect for both your face and body, making sun care a breeze with just one product. It offers SPF 30 protection and is infused with sunflower, rosemary and rice antioxidants to keep you feeling moisturized as well as safe from the sun.

A blue box of Crest whitestrips for your teeth

“A high standard has been set for pearly whites, this is my secret weapon to maintain them,” said Ken, before blinding us with his grin.

To polish up your own set of chompers, check out Crest 3D White Whitestrips, and leave the expensive in-office whitening behind. Not only is this easier to do while staying at home, but it’s far less expensive, especially if you order them on Amazon.

A white and orange stick of deodorant

“I bet you didn’t think I care much about scent! Well I do, and sandalwood and citrus are some of my faves,” said Ken.

While this is surprising given the fact that he has a plastic nose while the rest of us don’t. No one wants to smell bad, especially on their birthday, and Schmidt’s can fix that right up, offering great scents with a natural formula that won’t irritate skin with harsh ingredients. With 24-hour protection, wear this all day long without fear or needing to reapply.

A shaving set with three tubes of product, an orange razor and a carrying case

Ever notice how Ken never has unsightly stubble or a rash of razor burn? That’s all thanks to his other friend, Harry.

“I’m not traveling much these days, but when I do, Harry’s Shave & Shower Travel Kit is the first thing I pack,” explained Ken.

Harry’s travel kit is great for packing, but also comes with everything you need right at home on your bathroom counter. The kit comes with a razor in the color of your choosing, plus a shave gel, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, face wash, a travel cover to protect the razor blades and a water-resistant carrying case to keep it all together.

A book cover of Daper Dan by Daniel R. Day

Ken, meet Dapper Dan. Dapper Dan, Ken.

“A major menswear inspiration and recent collaborator. Read up on one of the greats with Dapper Dan’s memoir,” explained Ken in between chapters.

While you wait for the rest of your products to arrive after ordering, head to your nearest bookstore or Amazon to grab a copy of “Dapper Dan: Made in Harlem,” which is a memoir written by Black fashion icon Daniel R. Day. Learn from the professional how to not only dress for success but feel empowered, persevere through hardship and leave your mark on your own neighborhood.

A men's clutch pouch with the Ken logo and brand Berluti on it

Instead of a cake, in typical Ken fashion, he chose a bag for his birthday.

We don’t blame him either, as this pouch from Berluti is pretty cool to say the least. In an exclusive collaboration between the two stylish icons, this pouch features both a zipper closure and a hook for easy attachment to your suitcase for travel or even to hang on a hook to store your wallet, keys and mask or anything else you may need for the day.

“I worked with the Berluti team to create this pouch in honor of my 60th. Sleek and timeless, it’s a must have for storing your essentials,” said Ken.

A man in a white tank  top

“I saw Tan France wearing one of these tanks on his Instagram recently, and what can I say — I was sold! It has become a fast favorite,” raved Ken.

He isn’t the only Tan France fan, so if he says this is a must-have then we believe him, too. This white muscle tank is a great wardrobe essential, especially with the sun coming out (which means the guns come out, naturally.) From Rhone, the tank is perfect to work out in as it is quick-drying and has anti-odor technology to keep you smelling fresh even after the gym. Get one for lounging, too, as they are super comfortable and made of lightweight and breathable fabric.

A man in a navy blue jacket and red pants

“My favorite style for keeping it cool and comfortable on the job. Mine vary,” joked Ken.

While like Barbie, Ken has many different professions, if yours demands a more styled look, this is the perfect blazer. The Bonobos Knit Cardigan Blazer is a cozy hybrid of super-soft 50% wool and 32% cotton, while the style is more formal with a single-breasted design and notch lapel. It also comes fully loaded with two patch pockets on the outside and a handy interior pocket as well.


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