‘Liar’ Cuomo torched in NYC comic’s viral video


Gov. Andrew Cuomo is under fire again — and one New Yorker is carrying the torch. 

Comedian Anthony Rodia spared no mercy for the embattled Cuomo in his new parody song “Cuomo Is a Liar.”

Released Monday via Instagram and set to the tune of the 1989 Billy Joel classic “We Didn’t Start the Fire,” the track features Rodia ridiculing the Gov and his brother, CNN anchor Chris Cuomo, while bopping along in front of a green screen of a fiery inferno. 

“Cuomo is a liar. This whole time he’s been lying acting like a tyrant,” crooned the Westchester-born dad of two in the clip that now has more than 91,000 viral views.

After accusing Cuomo of turning NYC into a “dump to get back at Trump,” Rodia hurled barbs at the city’s mayor, too: “You know that it’s getting bad when people today hate you even more than de Blasio.” 

Rodia also called out the Gov’s dirty laundry list of recent alleged scandals: claims that he sexually harassed aides, that he tried to get a woman to stuff an entire sausage in her mouth, that his team fudged numbers to minimize the number of nursing home deaths — and that he cashed in with a book on leadership while the pandemic still raged. 

Reps for Gov. Cuomo did not immediately respond to The Post’s request for comment.

Meanwhile, Italian-American funnyman Rodia even got an old rumor about the Albany pol off his chest in the satirical ditty: “This question might even sting — is he the first politician in history with nipple rings?” 

Screen grabs of New York Post covers, political cartoons, protests, press conferences, billboards, and the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge —”Just call it the Tappan Zee” — all flash on screen during the music video for the no-holds-barred parody chronicling the politician’s explosive year. 

Rodia also calls out Cuomo’s “ego,” declaring it “his worst trait,” and challenges the Gov to “swallow your pride, be a man admit you lied,” and finally, to “give up and resign.” 

“If you’re from New York then you know, our governor, he’s gotta go.”

Rodia called out Cuomo's recent sexual harassment  allegations.
Rodia called out Cuomo’s recent sexual harassment allegations.


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