TLC’s ‘sMothered’ season 3: bikini waxes, shared underwear


Nothing — and we mean nothing — comes between these mothers and daughters.

TLC’s hit reality series “sMothered” is back, showcasing moms and daughters with outrageously close bonds. Season 3, which is co-produced by the Post, premieres May 31 at 9 p.m. 

This season will see several returning pairs from previous seasons, including Las Vegas bath-sharing duo Sunhe and Angelica, along with self-proclaimed “trashy Italian” Chicago pair Kathy and Cristina. They’ll be joined by three brand-new moms and daughters, whose antics are even more over the top.

There’s Amy and Carina in Hawaii, who share a bed (and underwear); Southern belles Karla and Rykia, who give each other bikini waxes and offer up no-holds-barred details about their romantic lives; and Lisa and Lauren, who have weekly “slumber parties” — it gets even weirder from there.

Too much? No way, say these three inseparable pairs.

They share underwear

Hawaii duo Amy DeAngelo, 44, and Carina DeAngelo, 23, share everything — including a home, a bed, a business (catering meatballs) and undergarments..

“I feel like I’ve always known her,” Amy told The Post of her “soul-bonded” relationship with her daughter. “I believe there’s more to life than this one space that we’re in currently, and my connection with her is unexplainable. She could have been my daughter in a past life, but it could have been flip-flopped!”

They each own their own underwear, they said — but they frequently swap it. 

Daughter Carina and mom Amy on "sMothered" Season 3
Daughter Carina (left) and mom Amy (right) on “sMothered” Season 3
Bodega Pictures, LLC

“We share all our clothes, our closet, everything,” Amy told The Post. “So the panties, we’re constantly getting mixed up because they’re in a communal drawer.”

The two sleep in bed together every night, and joke that Carina’s seldom-used bedroom is “the spare room.”

“People who say a mother and daughter can be too close — I don’t really understand those comments,” Carina told The Post. “I literally came out of her vagina. So how is it weird that I sleep in the same bed as my mom? What’s weird about that?” 

Carina and her mom Amy on TLC's "sMothered"
Carina and her mom Amy on TLC’s “sMothered”
Marco Garcia/Getty Images

They don’t share showers daily, but it’s not unusual for them to rinse off together on occasion. 

“Sometimes we’re in a real rush and we’re like, ‘We have to be out the door in 30 minutes,’ we’ll totally jump in the shower together,” said Carina.

Even so, they do have some boundaries, Amy said. For instance, “When I’ve had romantic relationships, I’m not breaking down last night with my daughter and telling her what happened with the dude in the bed. That’s not something I would ever do.” 

They give each other bikini waxes

Jacksonville, Alabama-based Karla McCoy, 44, and Rykia Lewis, 26, do everything together, including shopping, spa outings and getting drinks. They also have several habits that go beyond what most moms and daughters consider “standard.”

As Season 3 of “sMothered” shows, the two often wax each other’s nether regions. Karla explained that this practice started one day when they were going swimming and she realized that she was in need of some quick grooming. 

Daughter Rykia and mom Karla on Season 3 of "sMothered"
Daughter Rykia (left) and mom Karla (right) on Season 3 of “sMothered”

“I said, ‘Kia, come and wax me!’ and it just happened,” Karla told The Post. “To us, it’s not a big deal. But I’m pretty sure on TV it’s going to seem crazy. [But] we feel like, ‘OK, you let strangers do it. We go and get services done by professional people.’ If I would let a stranger look down there, why wouldn’t I let my daughter?”

Rykia gave birth to her son, Idris, when she was 16 — and Karla helps co-parent him, which brought mom and daughter even closer together, Rykia told The Post. 

“I think with me having a kid at a young age — to my mom it was like, ‘OK, you’ve had a kid, I don’t need to sugarcoat things with you.’ So when [my mom and I would] talk about sex, my friends would be like, ‘Why are you having this conversation?’ and I’d be like, ‘I’ve had a baby now, my mom doesn’t have to beat around the bush.’”

Daughter Rykia and mom Karla on "sMothered" Season 3 on TLC
Daughter Rykia and mom Karla

Their frank approach to the subject of sex goes beyond just talk.

“I was just going through my phone deleting some old stuff and Rykia was sitting there, and I was laughing about it, like, ‘I have all of these old videos that I need to get rid of,’” said Karla. “It was just like that. It wasn’t like total porn, she saw them as I scrolled through and was deleting. Rykia is an adult, she’s not a child — so it’s like me talking to my best friend.”

Both mom and daughter maintain that their “share everything” attitude “doesn’t feel weird.”

“At the end of the day, she’s the closest female that I have in my life,” said Karla. “What other woman would I share those things with?”

Mom helps her daughter with home insemination

Louisiana-based mom and daughter duo Lisa Kimball, 53 and Lauren Kimball Reese, 27, regularly have sleepovers even though Lauren is an adult with a family of her own.

Although Lauren lives with her wife of four years, Laura Leigh, she sleeps over at her mom’s house “once or twice a week,” she told The Post. 

“We just can never spend enough time together. I could be at my momma’s house for 10 hours, and then as soon as I get in the car, I call her because I forgot to tell her something.”

Lauren said Leigh, 34, is tolerant — if a little skeptical — of their relationship. “My wife definitely thinks it’s odd — but she also knows how close we are.”

Mom Lisa and daughter Lauren on "sMothered" Season 3
Mom Lisa (left) and daughter Lauren (right) on “sMothered” Season 3

But others are less enthused. “Our friends and family continuously tell us that our relationship is ‘too much’ or I’m not independent and I depend too much on my momma. I don’t necessarily care about that. I’d rather love out loud than hold back.”

Lisa said that their tight bond doesn’t always land well within her social circle, either. “[Friends] think it’s a little crazy. If I’m at dinner with my husband or another couple and Lauren is calling or texting a lot, I always make sure I answer her call.” 

Lauren and her wife are currently trying for a baby via artificial insemination, and this season of “sMothered” shows how Lisa is getting involved in Lauren’s fertility journey — in a hands-on way.

When Lauren needs help with a home insemination kit, she calls her mom. “I’ve been wanting to have a baby for a long time now,” said Lauren. “It’s really special to have my momma help me with that. She gave me life, and she got to put it inside of me. I’m happy to have my No. 1 right there with me during that time.”

Mom Lisa and daughter Lauren on Season 3 of TLC's "sMothered"
Mom Lisa (above) and daughter Lauren (below) on Season 3 of TLC’s “sMothered”

Lisa admitted that the process of helping Lauren with the kit was “a little awkward at first” but “she’s my daughter, I know just about everything about her.”

Lauren countered that she didn’t find it to be “that weird.”

“The way I see it, people’s parents give them medicine or enemas as adults … I’d prefer her over anyone else doing that.”


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