Who is Justin Glaze? Meet ‘Bachelorette’ Katie’s first kiss


Justin Glaze is a masterpiece — or at least he creates them.

The 26-year-old investment sales consultant is also a very talented artist and often displays his artwork on his Instagram account. Justin knew he had to grab Katie’s attention fast on the first night, and his artsy talents seemed to do the trick.

When he pulled Katie away to talk to her in private, Justin literally painted her a rosy picture of their future together: He presented her with a floral masterpiece that he created while in quarantine for the show.

The painting depicted a beautiful outline of a heart made out of, appropriately enough for the show, roses. “There is a little something missing from the center. That’s the void that’s in my heart,” the romantic charmer explained.

“I’ve left that blank on purpose because I’m hoping as we get to know each other and grow together, perhaps when we’re walking out of here you’re handing me that final rose, and it’ll be to complete not only the painting but to complete me as well,” he added.

Justin and Katie prepare to get cozy on the Season 17 premiere of "The Bachelorette."
Justin and Katie prepare to get cozy on the Season 17 premiere of “The Bachelorette.”
Justin Glaze — shown with "Bachelorette" Katie — is an investment sales consultant from Baltimore, Maryland.
Justin Glaze — shown with “Bachelorette” Katie — is an investment sales consultant from Baltimore.

The artist also dropped a few strategic lines about his paint-stroke game and his skillful hands that were sure to have Katie thinking ahead to Fantasy Suites.

Well, the romantic gesture seemed to work with both the viewers and Katie, who was “so impressed” with his “amazing” gift.

And Justin wasn’t letting anything get in the way of his chance to lock lips. “Let’s move the decor pillow,” he said with a laugh as he scooted closer to lean in for his first kiss with Katie.

After the “incredible” smooch, Justin admitted that he already felt the chemistry between the two and had feelings developing as Katie left him “wanting some more.”

Justin received a rose and kiss from Katie on the first night
Justin received a rose and a kiss from Katie on the first night.

Fans also appreciated Justin’s romantic gesture and his small but valiant effort to get closer to Katie. Some are already putting Justin in their top picks, and Bachelor Nation expert Reality Steve is predicting that he will make it all the way to Katie’s final four.

According to his bio, his parents’ 30-plus years of marriage have given “him an excellent example of what a successful relationship should look like.”

The Maryland native knows what he wants and values “a strong intimate connection, both emotionally and physically.”

Viewers definitely got to see that play out on the first episode and can only assume that these values align with the sex-positive Bachelorette, who is ready for a true love connection.

Although Justin got the first kiss, he did not get the first impression rose. That honor went to contestant Greg Grippo.


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